Matt & Kim at UD, opening by Kafei

Matt & Kim at UD So I took the boys, Brae (age 6) and Finn (age 10 months) to a Matt & Kim concert on the University of Delaware campus. It was nothing short of awesome. Small venues make for great, intimate shows and both the opening act, Kafei, and Matt & Kim did not disappoint. We had a fantastic time!

Matt & Kim definitely have potty mouths, but 95% of the time it was uncaught by the kids and really not used in a vulgar way. The only time I cringed was when Kim asked all the girls to dance low enough that their “v-word” rubbed the floor. Yeaahhhhh. Not something I wanted my boys to hear, haha, but what can I say. At least when she took her bra off she didn’t also take her tank top off. Oh Kim.

Here is a quick video. Keep in my dear that I was holding a baby, dancing, keeping an eye on Brae AND trying to record.

Braeden told me he had the “best night ever of his whole entire life.” Perhaps that had something to do with Kim hugging him after he gave her a picture he had colored. She also hugged TJs son much to all the grown up guys’ dismay who went home jealous. I have to say I understand, even with her potty mouth she has some fierce skills as a drummer and that definitely makes her hot! Though it was also great seeing Matt practically flying horizontal with one leg straight out in the air while he banged on his keys!

I had never heard of Kafei before, but I liked them. They had a lot of energy, albeit sometimes the lead guy was a little bit over the top with his loving Delaware and thanking the people who invited him. Actually, now that I think back I think he couldn’t remember the abbreviation for the student group (SCPAB) who invited them to open the act. Haha, that might be why he kept trying to thank everyone. Perhaps he was just being sincere and if so that is wonderful. Either way I really liked their music and definitely felt like jumping around and singing, so I’ll be getting their album “Intimacy Addiction” and adding some tracks to Brae’s iPod as well. It’s all hooky, upbeat and awesome!

I had the great pleasure of seeing a few old friends from high school including TJ and his kids and Jamie and his wife. It was great seeing them and others, made for an even more exciting show that’s for sure!

Clap your hands, tap your toes, wave your arms in the air. FREAK OUT!