The Continuing Honeybee Crisis

More than a third of U.S. food crops are dependent on pollination by honeybees for a successful harvest. Yet, for the past several years, a mysterious disorder has been seriously affecting honeybee populations, destroying both wild and domesticated hives.

Scientist have issued warnings regarding a future with little meat and no cotton because of a catastrophic collapse in bee colonies.

Though no single cause has yet been pinpointed, the scientific community agrees on one thing: bees across the United States are in crisis for lots of reasons, and without intervention our entire agricultural system is at risk.

Many causes have been proposed for Colony Collapse Disorder — invasive parasites, viruses, pesticide residues, genetically modified crops, and even electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones have all been put forth as possible culprits behind the disorder.

What can you do to help protect bees, and the healthy, natural foods they help produce? Sign this petition and learn simple, inexpensive steps you can take to help honeybees in your own backyard!


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