Steel Train releasing on Terrible Thrills

Listening to some Steel Train right now. What I hear is U2 and Bruce Springsteen, it’s the crazy, energetic music and then they have their own twist on vocals. I think post-production efforts have been made to create a commercially viable album, I’d be curious to know what they sound like live. I’m inclined to think they would sound even better and less touched; less fuzz. When it comes to instrumentation I love texture and layering, it’s the post-produced vocals I’m having a hard time embracing.

2010 is off to a great start for Steel Train. They’ve already completed a 3-month tour with Tegan and Sara, performed at Coachella, finished a run with The Fray and are looking forward to a headlining tour starting June 22nd.

The tour will kick off in Detroit on June 24th and will touch all parts of the country.

Steel Train’s new self-titled album comes out June 29th.


Steel Train – “Turnpike Ghost” (mp3)



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