And now for something crazy different

What in the universe’s name is this?

Vintage inspired sunglasses made famous by Lady Gaga. Yeah…sure. Just like she has made wearing bubble wrap famous, too, right? Sorry I’m all about wearing funky stuff, but these sunglasses are too much. Although the site the come from, does have super cool rainbow reflective aviator style sunglasses available. I know they would be huge on my little head, but I’d still wear them proudly.

The site always has great deals, but right now their promotion is all about colorful sunglasses. So if you need a pair and what something crazy different be sure to check our They are also currently selling those big, chunky plastic rings which are super hip right now. My best friend, Carrie, wears them. An oversized glazed ring with a watercolor scene is under $3 at Bleudame.

If you are more in the mood for a Ninja Pirate Bunny pin to sport on your vintage jacket or messenger bag than of course Shana Logic is the best place for your weekend cyber shopping. The pin comes from Crywolf Clothing. It features a bunny in a ninja suit with a pirate eye-patch and knife is totally sweet! It’s a gold-toned enameled metal, finished with a cry wolf stamp on the back and lapel-style pin.

Crywolf Clothing is the brain child of Stephanie Drabik & Rose Chang. “The name Crywolf is open to interpretation, but undeniably references the famous fable of the boy who cried wolf just one too many times. There could be a very compelling reason for why we chose this name (please insert here), or maybe it was mainly because we just plain liked the name! In short, the Crywolf vision is a mishmash of our strange, fantastic, quirky and whimsical ideas.”

Have you ever heard of Fluffels? The name reminds me of Popples which were around when I was a little girl. The two items have nothing in common other than the fact they are plush toys with clever names, but even so here is a coupon code you can use if you would like a Fluffel of your own.

Get a 20% discount on cute plushies, jewelry, iphone pouches and more from Fluffels. Use discount code INDIE.


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