Finn Casio Casiokids things that don’t make sense

Casiokids are the latest in an ever-lengthening line of bands/groups/acts from the Western coast city of Bergen in Norway to emerge.

And these Casiokids are excited to announce the release of their US debut, Topp stemning på lokal bar (loosely translated to “Great vibe at local bar”), on Polyvinyl this week! In conjunction with the double-disc release, the band has released a brand new diskJokke remix of their track “En Vill Hest, (A Wild Horse)” available for posting here. The remix was premiered on XLR8R’s First Listen, who noted that “…lead singer Ketil Kinden Endresen’s high-pitched vocal delivery fits the producer’s buoyant disco stylings quite well, and remain a constant during the nine-minute jam’s epic journey through rhythmic synth stabs, funky bass lines, and more percussion than most producers would know what to do with.”

The video for “Finn Bikkjen!” which aired last month was directed by Greg Taylor.


Casiokids – “Finn Bikkjen! (Find the dog!)” mp3

Casiokids will return to the US in August in support of Topp stemning på lokal bar. Dates to be announced shortly.