48 Orphaned Children. 0 Shoes.

Imagine the horror. For almost 60 seconds the ground shook like a thousand jack hammers pounding away…all at the same time. Buildings shook, then collapsed.

Now, imagine being an orphan in Leogane, Haiti, the epicenter of the earthquake. For days they were without shelter, eating what they could find and living in fear that the ground shaking would return.

The Soles4Souls team, recently had the privilege of visiting this orphanage. There were 48 children standing on the moist earth. Barefoot. 48 orphans. 0 shoes.

With no shoes, these children faced a very high likelihood of contracting worms or other diseases. Worms establish themselves in a child’s body, carrying disease and robbing children of the little nutrition they receive.

The children laughed and giggled as they received their shoes. Some had never owned a pair of shoes. The kids were smiling. Most of the team were crying. Something so simple as shoes— they not only helped protect their lives, but also gave them something to smile about.

At Soles4Souls, they’re doing everything we can to make a difference. They have already delivered over 700,000 pairs to Haiti. Their goal is to provide over 1.3 million pairs. Every day, more and more shoes get into the hands and onto the feet of those in need…like the 48 orphans we visited outside Leogane.

They need your urgent help to provide safe, practical shoes to the people of Haiti. You can help sponsor a shoe drive by volunteering to collect and package shoes from your area. For more information, please click here.


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring this story! It is so true that the people of Haiti desperately need shoes and the only way to provide these for them is with your help!

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