Disney Tween has movies that rule

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Calling all tweens! I actually looked up what it means to be considered a tween and found it is meant for girls who are “finding themselves” too old for toys, but too young for boys, that kind of thing. But I have to say I definitely had crushes on celebrities when I was of the 9 to 15 tween age. I had pictures of Kirk Cameron on my wall. Haha, yep, loved ‘Growing Pains.’

Truth be told there is still some giggly tween left in my soul. I still curl up on the sofa and sit down to watch The Princess Diaries Special Edition whenever it airs on TV.

What I find very interesting is that though movies change for girls, the themes don’t really. When I think back one of my favorite movies growing up starred Jessica Sarah Parker in ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and it was a dance movie. Of course we all loved to watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ as well. Now kids have Jump In! Freestyle Edition and High School Musical 3: Extended Edition. Same theme, just different music and fashion. Although I definitely see leg warmers coming back in style.

Parents out there, keep an eye on the aforementioned movies but do not forget to pick up Hannah Montana flicks as well for those rainy summer days while your tweens are home this summer. And if you really want to get on their good side…pick up a Jonas Brothers poster for their room. You’ll be reminiscing over your Kirk Cameron, Growing Pains days in no time.