Imagine Dragon music will make your head spin

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Yes! Man it feels so great to hear music that you just know you’re going to love forever! That’s what happened when I started listening to Imagine Dragons. They have everything in their music that I like out of bits and pieces of other favorites, but this time it’s all rolled into one. Most songs build rather slowly, to build up to a glorious, powerful crescendo. And that’s just…happiness.

“These guys are going places.” – five words in a Las Vegas Weekly editorial summarize the brief but formidable history of synth pop/rock Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons. Since their advent in 2009, they have slayed back to back battle of the bands, shared the stage with multiplatinum recording artists in front of 25,000+ crowds, and taken first prize in competitions like Utah’s Got Talent. More importantly, their music and live shows have captured the devotion of the Vegas community and seduced industry insiders across the nation. After five critically acclaimed performances at the South by Southwest Music Festival, the cat is undoubtedly out of the bag.

Front man Dan Reynolds is Vegas to the core – 3rd generation to be exact. True to his heritage, Reynolds is a genetically compulsive showman, erratic, kinetic, and captivating. Wayne Sermon and Ben McKee, on guitar and bass respectively, are long time friends from the prestigious Berklee College of Music where they earned their serious chops. Andrew and Brittany Tolman round out the band with drums and keys, both with extensive experience touring and performing around the globe.


Imagine Dragons – “All Eyes” (mp3)



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