From the ocean to the forest

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I would like to meet the person who some day buys this Octopus Chandelier and I would like to ask them what they plan on using it for…and where. This item is called the “El Pulpo Octopus Chandelier.” You can find it in Lantern Fly’s Etsy Shop. The description says the chandelier is sculpted from clay, he has poppy red eyes and a black hammered metal finish. He measures about 16 inches high and 38 inches diameter. You know I think it would be perfect in a restaurant near the ocean or perhaps somewhere in a theme park, but I’m wondering what will happen to it. It’s costly, rightly so with the work that went into creating it and the sheer size of the beast.

And check out this awesome plushie. If I had extra money he would be mine! And I would taunt people with him and pretend he had an evil laugh! HA!

His name is Belchik and he is “The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel Plush.” You can find him and all of his other plushie friends at the Sleepy King’s Etsy Shop. At the Sleepy King shop you will find handmade woodland plushies, recycled and up-cycled plushies, handmade forest animals, handmade softies, stuffed animals, woodland nursery decor and handmade accessories.

The crafter extraordinaire behind Sleepy King says she is inspired by folk and indie music, the color yellow, old barns and vintage fabric. She sounds pretty awesome to me. Plus, she is a proud member of “Team Indie Free Spirits.

If you want to learn more about here, read her blog.