Minor Stars are progessively hard to categorize

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Listening to Minor Stars brings me back almost a decade to when I used to go out every weekend and listen to the local bands. I’m not sure if this means Minor Stars aren’t yet refined enough or if the track production is just a little bit shoddy. But Minor Stars sound like they are playing live in every track I have listened to, it’s a grungy sound that has me reminiscing for sure. That is not to say that Minor Stars are a cover band, no, their material is original and their lyrics are fantastic. But they are definitely not mainstream quality. (That is not a bad thing). It just means the band is cool having the feedback and fuzzbox sound.

Minor Stars will be releasing their album, The Death of the Sun in the Silver Sea, brimming with progressive, psychedelic rock this coming Tuesday, July 13, 2010. Even during tracks when the vocals disappear, the rest of the band kicks in with an infectious groove to slowly fade out.

Yeah I look good from a distance
But it would take acres of wisdom
To reconcile all the contradictions
Flooding from this drunken vision
Rubbing raw from the surface friction

The music may be a little bit too heavy for a happy indie bopper, and it may be a little to hard core rock for the main-streamers, but it’s good music and I think if anything we’ll be seeing Minor Stars cropping up in many future compilations from festival albums and hippie samplers.


Minor Stars – “Dead Weight” (mp3)

<a href="http://minorstars.bandcamp.com/album/the-death-of-the-sun-in-the-silver-sea">The Death of the Sun by Minor Stars</a>



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