Who will be the next Stoli Double?

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Stoli Vodka’s ‘Would You Have a Drink With You?’ campaign continues with new commercials featuring actress Julia Stiles, check them out below!

“Would you have a drink with you?” is the question posed in the spots as down-to-earth Julia knocks a few back with “Hollywood” Julia. The commercials quickly remind us why we fell in love with the actress back in 1999’s “10 Things I Hate About You” — she’s dry, adorable and totally willing to mock herself. Plus if you’ll note…she is drinking something just delicious. Stoli Rasberry and soda.

More on Stoli Originals: It’s not about the fame or fortune. It’s that they dare to challenge convention, unafraid to break new ground. They’re bold enough to attempt things that most say couldn’t, or even shouldn’t, be done – and they’re passionate enough to achieve them. But most of all, they’ve truly lived life. And as you’ll soon see, they’ve got stories to prove it.

Savor Stoli Responsibly


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