Haiti: Six Months On

The World Food Program was on the ground distributing food within 24 hours of the January 12th earthquake, and we’ve been able to feed 4 million Haitians to date.

The focus has shifted to longer-term solutions, rebuilding society from the ground up. WFP’s Food and Cash for Work programs have already created jobs for 30,000 Haitians and that number continues to grow. In exchange for enough food to feed a family of five, workers are helping repair roads and dig irrigation canals, benefiting entire communities.

WFP’s school meals programs are providing daily meals to 655,000 children. These kids will continue to receive hot, nutritious food throughout the summer even though school is out. WFP is also helping to ensure the most vulnerable people, including pregnant mothers and young children, receive the right food through supplementary nutrition programs.

Many have predicted this will be a bad hurricane season, and WFP stands prepared for the worst. Working together with the Haitian government and many NGO partners, WFP has already positioned food supplies for more than 1 million people in case disaster strikes again.

Photo credit: Michael Lockhart