A Simple Band from NC

The fuzzy, lo-fi music seems fitting to be coming from a band named simply; Simple.

Chapel Hill’s Simple is another of the town’s sundry local-locked gems—blasting forward with a propulsive rhythm section and the hazy guitar lines and anxious ennui of vocalist Chip Smoak.

With Simple, production-as-aesthetic. The sound emerges out of inky blackness, prismatic like shards of broken glass: Noise and noise effects are as important as structure.

What Simple has to say about their latest EP:

Our latest offering, however, is a live EP recorded at the WKNC 88.1 studios: WKNC SESSIONS LIVE. This record features 5 tracks and, to date, comes closest to capturing our live energy. Our honest opinion is that, if you don’t like this record, then you just don’t like us b/c this piece is as accurate reflection of our band as anything recorded to date….So please, give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

WKNC SESSIONS LIVE was recorded and mixed by Eric Scholz at WKNC and was mastered by Tom King at ex nihlo studios in Nashville, TN.


Simple – “Signs in the Sky” (mp3)