The break through of Hitlantis

Hitlantis brings unknown music into the limelight and to the awareness of the general public, in a unique user interface. Musicians and artists that own the rights to their own music can upload their music for free onto Hitlantis.

Hitlantis platform enables easier content discovery by presenting all bands on a visual city-like graphical map where it is very easy to immediately see who’s hot and who’s not as well as which genre has the most active bands and fans etc.

Already at a young age, the Irish has risen to broad international awareness and considerable popularity. Hitlantis’ growth has continued all year long. Indeed, it has become Europe’s biggest and fastest growing site for bands thirsting for success.

CNBC and CBS: the most innovative music site in the world.

Hitlantis was listed at the start of the year among the most interesting, new and fledgling IT start-up companies in Europe. The American channel giants CNBC and CBS chose Hitlantis, the launcher of a new era, as the world’s most innovative music site in its sector.

This music community that is enjoying a period of intense international growth has also been publicised prominently in, among others, Brazil and Poland. Having revolutionized the world of music on the internet, Hitlantis has attracted positive attention in Asia, too.


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