This has nothing to do with the privacy issues everyone likes to complain about. If you are on Facebook or MySpace or any other sort of network you just have to be aware that you are publicizing your personal information. So get over the privacy whining.

I love Amazon and I love Facebook, but I see nothing valuable coming from all that intense interlinking. What I see happening is both Amazon and Facebook making more money off us. And I understand the marketing, the advertising, the economic schemes involved but speaking as a blogger and site owner who makes pennies off of 1,000 impressions and 2 clicks all I can surmise now is that two big companies will now be making it even more difficult for me and other like minded bloggers to try and profit. And why? I mean we have to struggle for years with fresh content to gain any sort of page rank. We don’t buy keywords or text links, we just write and network until our fingertips are raw.

Yes, I rant.

Facebook and Amazon have now made my “side job” far more difficult.

The marketable claims of this new found friendship between Amazon and Facebook are:

This integration will also help you figure out what kinds of gifts your friends might like by letting you better search for your Facebook friends’ Amazon Wish Lists and by pulling in information from your friends’ profiles. Of course, it will remind you of Facebook friends’ birthdays, too. It will show you interests you have in common with your friends, and it will show you which items are popular with all the people in your social graph.