Angelina Jolie recently in Haiti, now Pakistan

Angelina jolieAngelina Jolie’s most recent visit to Haiti took place in June of 2010, and it was Jolie’s second visit to the SOS Haiti Village. When last there in February she met with the 33 children who were brought to the village after the Haitian government intervened to prevent their removal from Haiti. This weekend, Ms. Jolie learned that all of the children have been reunited with their families and continue to receive assistance from SOS.

During her stay Jolie commented, “That is why I like to visit and support the SOS Children’s Villages in the world because I have seen that the children are growing up in a safe and loving environment.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been long-time supporters of SOS. In the past, Ms. Jolie personally visited an SOS Emergency Relief Program in Chad, an SOS Children’s Village in Ethiopia and the couple also visited the SOS Village in Amman, Jordan. “Ms. Jolie’s involvement helps to raise spirits when life has become so hard for children who have lost everything. Her continued support sheds an important light on the progress and challenges all of us face in Haiti.” said SOS Children’s Villages – USA CEO, Heather Paul. “With the six month anniversary of the earthquake approaching, Jolie helps the world remember that the struggle for survival continues on the ground every day. International partners working hand-in-hand with Haitians will be there for many years to come, long after the cameras have gone away.”

In more recent news

The National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan (NDMA) reports that as many as 12 million people have been affected by the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history. The Government of Pakistan estimates that one million people have been displaced. Both NDMA and the United Nations also report that at least 1,600 people have died; more than half of those deaths in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (KPK) alone. The NDMA says about 700,000 homes are believed to have been damaged or destroyed across Pakistan.

Angelina Jolie says it’s vital that people help Pakistan’s flood victims and not surrender to compassion fatigue.

The floods have displaced 20 million people, but donations are below those for catastrophes like the Haitian earthquake or the Asian tsunami.

Jolie said she understood that “it is getting hard for people — they see Haiti, they see these other events … and they get exhausted by the time another big one rolls around.”

But she said Pakistanis face “mass death, mass displacement, and this situation is going to get worse.”

Jolie has visited Haiti, Iraq and other countries as a U.N. goodwill ambassador.

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