Win some music Wednesday [STARK] #giveaway

Are y’all ready for a chance to win a music grab bag of fun?

I love hosting contests, because I love how great it feels to win something.

Stark’s very own Lani Ford has in the past graciously offered an album and a t-shirt for a giveaway. So this time I’m offering a t-shirt, and not one, but TWO Stark albums. You will get the albums “Race to the Floor” and “Put It To Your Head” as well as an adult medium Stark t-shirt in black.

Lani Ford is one of the most wickedly talented women in the music world. She is an excellent voice and she tears up on a bass guitar. Patrick Pfeiffer is her bass instructor, “has given me so much encouragement. He’s brilliant, like Jaco brilliant… and he was Adam Clayton’s (from U2) teacher.”

It’s not often you see a female artist in such raw form. She’s not a diva, but she’d have every right to be. She’s not a pop star, but she could do it if she so chose to do. She’s just Lani Ford and she’s STARK.

Lani Ford–lead vox/bass, The Hogan–guitar, Eric Rock ‘n Robel–drums


STARK – “Puttin’ Out Your Fire” (mp3)

All you need to do is comment on this post, make sure you leave an e-mail address. The contest ends on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 12 pm EST.

5 thoughts on “Win some music Wednesday [STARK] #giveaway

  1. This comment is mainly to enter the contest, but I have to say the review is good, on-the-money, and informative. I don’t have the new album yet so I hope I win.

  2. I have to agree. There is so much underappreciated true talent in New York City. Stark is one of the top dogs. I love original raw music. Lani is truly a talent you cannot turn away from. She can grab you by the neck and then hug you. It gets your attention. The first time I heard Put it to your head I was hooked. And I would proudly ware that shirt.. I hope one day they make it to Florida. I will be the first one to “Race to the floor “. Big fan – MIKE

  3. Sorry for the delay. Drake Widlake you are the winner. I will be contacting you for your information. You have 72 hours to respond before picking another random winner.

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