Just yesterday, my husband and I were talking about the free television shows iTunes has been turning out in their Store. I downloaded some pilot shows, specifically “Melissa & Joey” because they are too characters that I remember fondly from my past. Do y’all remember Clarissa Explains it All, Sabrina and/or Blossom? Whoa!

So my husband mentioned the 99 cents rentals via iTunes. And I said NetFlix (which we use daily) is far cheaper, but it doesn’t have the most current media. Which is true.

This morning I see that Amazon has jumped onboard with these cheapy prices of streaming current shows. But they have actually upped the ante, because Amazon is offering 99 cents purchases NOT rentals.

Eager to get on the new Apple TV’s cheap 99-cent TV show rentals but not so pumped to wait four weeks for it to ship? No worries: Amazon’s also now offering 99-cent rentals purchases of various ABC and FOX shows, which means a whole host of Amazon VOD-compatible devices just got some cheaper streaming options.


One thought on “Amazon has upped the VOD ante”

  1. I heard about that. I wonder if it will affect the television industry at all. Hopefully it will help get good shows on television. As an aside, I love Melissa and Joey although I have problems thinking of them as adults.

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