I remember watching The Ice Princess with my Mom. I was much older than the target audience, but my Mom and I enjoy watching girly movies with each other. It’s fun and brings us both back to the little princess years. She bought be the Ice Princess Widescreen for Christmas one year. It was a very sweet stocking stuffer, even as an over 25-er.

Do you know they have Princess Party packs of Disney Princess movies now? I cannot even imagine how much fun that would have been for me when I was younger. In fact, I might need to borrow some little girls and throw a slumber party. See, I have two boys and princesses are not their thing. Any Mom’s out there with little girls, definitely make sure your home entertainment includes Princess Party: Volume One AND Disney Princess Party: Volume Two.

I mean if your little princess wants to enjoy magical moments with her mama or her daddy, why not? They only stay little for a short time.


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