Tony Curtis’s Fame Will Live On

Tony Curtis is most likely to be remembered for the film he starred in with Marilyn Monroe, Some Like it Hot.

“I really must have done something right to appear in all those great movies,” Curtis said afterwards. “I was just a wise-ass Jew kid from the Bronx. I end up in Billy Wilder’s best movie, Lemmon’s, Monroe’s and Kirk Douglas’s best movie.”

Tony Curtis married six times; his last wife, Jill Vandenburg Curtis, more than four decades his junior, survives him. Towards the end of his life he said that, despite his many marriages, he was reconciled with his many children and grandchildren. “I’m lucky that my kids like me again,” he said, “I want to have a dynasty that lasts for ever.” One son, Nicholas, predeceased him in 1994 after overdosing on heroin aged 23, a blow from which Curtis said he never recovered. The actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis is his daughter by Janet Leigh.

By now I am sure you have heard that Celebrity Deaths always come in 3’s. This week that myth has come try once again as Tony Curtis (85), Greg Giraldo (44) and Arthur Penn (88) have all died.

Arthur Penn is mainly recognized for his film “Bonnie and Clyde.”

In case you are not familiar with Greg Giraldo, he was a judge on the hit show Last Comic Standing.


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