Eureka! Fructose malabsorption it is???

Many of you may know one of our sons has a myriad of health issues. One issue is specifically digestive related. He has had issues for years now and has gone through more tests that you could imagine. So as an “almost seven year old” we now have what could be the answer, the culprit, the evil sugar which is causing my boy such trouble.

Dr. Erika (from AI) just called and said Braeden’s fructose breathing test gave her all sorts of numbers. His nitrogen baseline levels were elevated which means he possibly has a small bowel overgrowth. Medicine will be called in for this situation.


Today he drank some very sugary water which he did not like at all. Over a period of three hours he then breathed into a tube. Tube A and Tube B. This air was then tested to see the levels of hydrogen and nitrogen. Levels of hydrogen over 20 parts per million show a malabsorption of some kind. Today’s test was specifically for fructose.


Braeden’s hydrogen levels were “through the roof!” coming in at 128 parts per million. This means Braeden does not have the appropriate enzymes to break down fructose once his body begins digesting or rather “trying” to digest it.

So, Braeden will need to adhere to a strict non-fructose diet from now on. We will be seeing a nutritionist hopefully within the next week or so to learn more about what such a diet might entail.

Dr. Erika sounded relieved and so I feel relieved.

Now. Isn’t fructose in… everything?

Fructose is a form of sugar and readily available in almost everything we eat, including fruit and vegetables.

Where is the problem with Brae?

GLUT5 and GLUT2 transporters are little escorts that guide the fructose across the intestinal wall and into the blood. If they are not around to escort the fructose it cannot be absorbed. (Causes gas, bad breath, bloated feelings, tummy issues in the bathroom, etc.)

And so.. we’ll find out more later I suppose. But at least we’re learning something that might help.

So what is fructose really in and what can Braeden eat or not eat now?


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6 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Finally we have part of the answer.. now, to figure out how to remove fructose from the diet..

  2. terri says:

    At least, after all this time, they found something that was causing his “distress” ! Yeah for that, but at this time in his life where he needs to eat so as to grow strong and healthy will be a challenge, but a challenge we can handle…..

  3. Victoria Grimme says:

    So, if he puts out that much hydrogen, can he power one of those power-cell vehicles? :)

  4. Christy Mannering says:

    Wow! I didn’t think of that, haha, hmm…

  5. Anna says:

    Hi. I hope that your son will really be fine soon. I also have a son who is a favorite of some sickness. He even asked me before what should be one medicine that he should take for all his diseases to go away.

    By the way, thanks also for the visit at my blog.

  6. paula says:

    Just found out my son is fructose intolerant. He is 17 and had been sick for a long time but I did not realize it. I am a nurse, and I still feel overwhelmed the inconsistent information I am receiving!