Musicians Unite To Provide Voice For “Joey’s Song”

Father, activist, and founder of the Joseph Gomoll Foundation, Michael Gomoll will honor his late son by raising awareness and funds to support the Epilepsy Foundation through a series of music compilations titled Joey’s Song. Joey’s Song: Volume One, available January 25, 2011 will feature rare and unreleased songs from Grammy nominated artists Neko Case, Tracy Bonham, and The Crash Test Dummies along with critically acclaimed singer-songwriters Slaid Cleaves, Tim Easton, and Ed Harcourt amongst many others.

In addition, Joey’s Songs for Kids: Volume 1, a collection of children’s songs, includes new recordings of traditional favorites such as “You Are My Sunshine,” performed by Matthew Ryan, “Working On The Railroad” by Howie Gelb and “Oh Johnny LeBeck” by Eileen Rose, and originals like “Monkeys” by Steve Wynn, “Hippopotamus” by Jon Dee, and “Mr Teetot” by Ellis Paul.

In March 2010, Joey Gomoll was not yet five years old when he died after battling Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, his entire life. Soon after, Joey’s father Michael Gomoll decided to channel his grief into the creation of the Joseph Gomoll Foundation. “I knew we had to make a difference to others afflicted with the various seizure disorders that are out there,” says Mike.

Despite the limitations Joey faced, he was an energetic and happy little boy who loved to play catch, look at books, and spend time with friends and family. Most of all, he loved music. “Music was his link to the world,” says Mike. “Joey would listen to music, sing to music and loved to dance.”

Music created a deep bond between father and son, and is the inspiration for Joey’s Song, a CD collection created by the Joseph Gomoll Foundation to raise funds for epilepsy research. Just three days after his loss, Mike was inspired to contact musicians he and Joey enjoyed listening to and ask for their help. The response was overwhelming.

“Within the first 30 minutes I heard from Matthew Ryan, Eileen Rose, Robbie Fulks and Jason Ringenberg – not via their management or record labels, but directly from the artists themselves,” says Mike. “All said ‘yes’ to our request for songs and asked what else they could do. By the end of the first day I knew we had a chance of making this work. They were incredibly generous.”

So generous, in fact, that Mike has enough songs lined up for several volumes of Joey Song and Joeys’ Songs for Kids. The first volumes of each are scheduled for release on January 25, 2011. “Volume 1” track listings to be announced shortly.

“I’m hoping that the story of Joey’s Song will touch people the way it has touched the musicians and everyone involved in this project.”

Whether looking for a new way to support epilepsy research or a favorite artist, fans can find further information as well as pre-order Joey’s Song: Volume One at


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