Resolving to organize your spaces

For the new year many people choose to come up with resolutions for themselves. They decide on things they wish to change for the new year or things they wish to improve. I think the New Year’s resolution I hear most often is the one to stay fit or lose weight. I also believe that is the one people give up on by the end of January. So while I do intend to become more fit this year, I’m going to try and stay more organized as my main goal. I think this is a more conceivable resolution for me and I’ll be satisfied with the results in the end, as will my family. Right?

First is first, you can search around online for ideas, watch HGTV or grab some books to help you mentally prepare for the task of getting yourself and your items together. Here is a link to The Top Books on Organizing Space.

In your child’s space there are a million and a half ways to keep things organized. You’ll want to think about tiers, because there are some things you might want to keep out of reach when you are not in the room just so tornadoes don’t hit every day. So you might want to have higher shelves. And then there are toys which will fit in small spaces and can sit in cubes. Or there was bigger toys which might need toy boxes. You see what I mean?

The cute thumbnail photo you see is of Little Cube Friends which vary in size from 8-12″ in height. What holds them all together as a family are their pocket mouths that can be used to store your treasures or hide your secrets. If you sit one on your desk it can hold envelopes or pencils. I’m sure your little one can find uses for it that you couldn’t even imagine.

One of the more difficult rooms to organize in a fashionable way is the bathroom. It’s a small space, the items you store in a bathroom are not always pretty and well, that’s pretty much it. But you can get a spice rack and put it in your bath room! Just don’t use it as a spice rack. The thumbnail photo here shows a 3 hook spice rack has hooks, you can hang your bathrobe or towels. You can put your bath salts or body sprays on it. And it comes with a mason jar for you to put flowers or perhaps those cool little marble things that people normally put in aquariums, you know what I’m talking about? Anything that fits your color scheme and helps get items off the sink area while keeping room under the sink for the items that aren’t so pretty. Right?

Most families spend the vast majority of their time together in the living room. Small bowls and containers are your friends. The more loose items you have on surfaces, the more will gather there. Contain, contain, contain! And then there is the brilliant Storage Ottoman. Adults can put their feet up and blankets or toys or pillows can be stored out of sight, but not far from reach. Genius! Or mayhaps a Khaki colored storage bench which also could serve as an ottoman in a less bulky way.


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