Slave 4..are you hot or are you cold?

Though the term “bastard pop” first became popular in 2001, the practice of assembling new songs from purloined elements of other tracks stretches back to the beginnings of recorded music.

I don’t know why they had to go calling names. It’s not bastard pop, this music isn’t meant to be irritating and it’s certainly not a person born from unmarried parents.

Mash-ups like this one make me want to grab my own music-production-fixa software eg. Mackie Tracktion.

Created from “Frozen – Madonna, Hot in Herre – Tiga and I’m a Slave 4U – Britney Spears”


Cold Sweat (mp3)


We Like to Party vs. Dj Got Us Fallin in Love (Mistermike Bootleg)