Help save these horses from starvation

Over 500 horses outside of Billings, Montana, are sick and starving. The horses, spread out over 2,600 acres, have been without food for at least a month, surviving on nothing but sagebrush and yucca. We are on our way to bring them food and water.

The ground is bare with stretches of snow and, until the last couple of days, the horses have had no access to grass or hay. The horses need your help. While approximately 500 horses are still alive, some haven’t been so lucky. Three horses have already died, and a county sheriff’s lieutenant has had to humanely euthanize a couple more that were beyond help.

James Leachman of Billings said he would ask for a jury trial afer pleaded not guilty to 10 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in Justice Court Friday. Hay was airlifted to an estimated 500 horses Thursday on a ranch 16 miles east of Billings.

“Jim Glenn of Sidney, Iowa, who has been friends with Leachman for 30 years, said he repeatedly offered to finance a horse sale last year to reduce the herd size, but Leachman refused. Despite being owed more than $30,000 for a previous Leachman sale, Glenn said he’s willing to try again.

“I offered to help him put on sales in May, in September and October. And, basically, I would do it now, today. I would buy the horses and sell them all today just to keep him out of jail,” Glenn said.

This apparent horse lover would rather save face than save these animals he claims to love. It’s up to you and me to take a stand, speak up and reach out. If you have the means, please find a way to donate to this cause. If you can’t financially help then take the time to spread the word by sharing this post or writing your own.

Photo credit: LARRY MAYER/Gazette Staff


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