Friday!!!! Check out the “It’s Freakin Friday” Hop

So yesterday I had knee surgery, minor. When I was sixteen I had a proximal and distal realignment of my right knee and that was major knee surgery which took about 9 weeks to get back on my feet. This time there was a mysterious bone chip floating around underneath my patella. So the surgeon went in, took it out, smoother the underside of my kneecap and stitched me up. Cake compared to a realignment, I promise!

And so it’s Friday and I’ve been working from home. But now the weekend has officially started and my hope is to be able to recoup. We’ll see what happens.

This week’s featured blog is Our Life In A Click. Over there, you will be sure to find a tonnnnn of photographs, and they are awesome! My favorite part is that she also has tutorials and the pictures are so good, that she doesn’t really need that much description on what to do! Don’t forget to swing by!!


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