My theory on #Pottermore … MMORPG

The world is wanting more from Pottermore. I can’t say that I blame them. I listened to the YouTube video tease of JK Rowling talking about how people want more from the Harry Potter series and so she has created Pottermore. She goes on to say the users, the readers of the series, are going to be the creators and so I wonder if Pottermore is going to be an online gaming world. Could it be that Pottermore will be an MMORPG?

Could Pottermore be the next WoW? (WoW is World of Warcraft for those of you who are only literary geeks and not full blown geeks like myself).

Because if she went there…hell yes she would succeed.

JK Rowling could definitely get the backing and if you think about it the Harry Potter series has well enough content to create a massive and magic world for people to play and game. I think that is what Pottermore will be and I think people, while they are complaining right now because they want more books, I think they will go batshit crazy if it ends up being an MMORPG.

And I am completely pulling this out of the clear blue sky. I have read no reports. But if you infer from what we have heard thus far and if you look at the screens and you if you think about what she says in her video it kind of makes sense.

You would become a student at Hogwarts. Or a muggle perhaps. Or maybe even a Deatheater?

You would have a territory to start. You could work up to being a professor, a teacher, a dark lord, I don’t know.

There are a million and a half things that could be done and created if this became that kind of game. And yes people would pay money and keep paying money for this and the Harry Potter fans would be able to keep Harry Potter magic in their lives on a daily basis. The story would live on and you would become a character in the story, so to speak.

Am I wrong? Maybe. But this is what I’m sticking with. You heard it here first…

If it ends up that she really did just create a simple Harry Potter fan site like the million which already exist than I am sorry to all those who wanted more… because it’s not Potter MORE at all.


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