Geeky Alerts are so good

Ever hear of the Doodle Washable Tablecloth? I think it is simply perfect to have if your going to have a party where a lot of children will be invited. The tablecloth is washable and therefore it is reusable.

The reason I stumbled on it is because of this Gadget Blog. It’s a blog you are going to want to bookmark and follow. Your best bet is to sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss the e-mails with all the alerts for the latest tech bargains.

On the Geek Alerts site right now you will find these super cool Cartoon Door Stops. They look like the old school Batman comic bursts that say “Pow” or “Stop” too funny. I think your friends and neighbors would get a kick out of seeing them out front of your house. I think my son would even like one in front of his bedroom door!

Sometimes they have an Office Depot coupon and other times you’ll find a Vistaprint coupon. So for people looking for deals, especially with the back-to-school shopping looming around the corner, this is the perfect time to sign up for a place where you’ll get geeky gadget discounts and promo codes.

Other ways to keep up with the Geek Alerts:


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  1. LOVE THAT! I have a glass table top and the kids drive me crazy with it, this sounds perfect!