Can pretzels relieve stress?

You know how when you have a nagging question and no one around you knows the answer so they tell you go Google it?

Well what happens when there are a million pages of answers? I think that is one of the hardest parts of searching the internet now; there are hundreds of forums and search engines to choose from.

And then beyond that when you actually do pick a forum it has been overwhelmed with multiple answers and replies and then you’re surfing through thread after thread. Heck by the time you get to the bottom of the page it’s any wonder you even remember what you were searching for in the first place.

So it’s really great when there are new “How To” or “Tutorial” type sites which crop up on the net where things are newly entered and filtered with fresh content. uses more of a blog format to relay guided, tutorials and quick Q&A materials to people. So if you do a quick search for How to Reduce Stress, then you’ll immediately get the latest posts in chronological order displayed on the main page.

The best part about the lounge is that when you first get your displayed results there aren’t threads and user replies, it’s just the content you want. You choose which article is best and then you can delve deeper and look for comments.

By the way, I like step #8 best in reducing stress from the How To Lounge.

Accept imperfection. Just do your best. No one expects more.


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