Barbie’s house gets a “green” facelift

Okay, so I have two boys and they don’t play with Barbies. But when I was growing up I did and I loved the outfits, the cars, the Barbie pool and the Barbie dreamhouse. So when I read that not only were they creating an Architect Barbie, but also an eco-friendly Barbie house I was all thumbs up.

Mattel created a design contest and 30 submissions came in with ideas of what Architect Barbie’s house should look like, be built with and how it should be sustained.

Ting Li and Maja Paklar won the competition to design the “green” dream house for Architect Barbie – the latest doll in the iconic Barbie line. And these guys are no joke, they have put so much thought into this fantastic concept. All out into the details of solar panels, operable shading, bamboo flooring, low-flow fixtures you name it.

While the design will not be produced by Mattel, the creators will have a $1,000 donation made in their name to CHAD, a nearby charter high school in Philadelphia focused on architecture and design.

So while Mattel isn’t behind the craftsmanship we have other companies to thank for bringing this brilliant idea to life. So keep these names in mind the next time you want to buy the best in eco-friendly materials bespoke packaging, Wessex Packaging and then of course Wessex Packaging Salisbury has Custom packaging available, too.

As for Ting Li and Maja Paklar, they have said, “We hope to encourage more young female architects to flex their design muscles and just to have fun with architecture.”

How fantastic is that!?

Check out this article:

The image of a Barbie doll is that of a California babe living the kind of live young girls can only dream of. She doesn’t exactly come of as someone that cares much about her carbon footprint! However this could be set to change!

Ting Li and Maja Paklar have won a competition to design a dream house for Architect Barbie – the latest doll in the iconic Barbie line.

The best thing about this house, which would sell for about $3.5M if it were real, is that it is completely environmentally friendly.

Mattel partnered up with The AIA (American Institute of Architects) to hold the competition and chose its winners well.
The house has: solar panels, energy saving light bulbs, bamboo flooring and an irrigation system.

Mattel has recently come under fire for their paper sourcing policies which are said to contribute towards deforestation and global warming. Greenpeace accused Mattel of sourcing the paper packaging that surrounds their Barbie dolls from ranforests.

So, it’s nice to see they are backing an idea that is so eco friendly!

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