Jim Henson Google Doodle & bonus printables

The Google Doodle I saw online last night is still up and I’m so glad because I didn’t get a chance to right about it yesterday.

To honor Jim Henson’s 75th birthday on September 24, 2011, The Jim Henson Company and Google partnered up to create a special Google logo with six original characters, corresponding in shape and size with the “Google” lettering, that the users could puppeteer themselves. Using a mouse and/or a keyboard, the characters would look up, down, and sideways, and open and close their mouths.

Each monster does their own little animation when you click on them or the button below them which is pretty neat, but they all do something unexpected as well. While I was playing with it today I saw the little monster on the right eat the green worm looking monster, totally was NOT expecting that interaction.

The doodle was made through the collaboration between Google and the Jim Henson Company, using the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, which prides its “immediate real-time performance of 3-D generated characters by a puppeteering system.”

There have been many Sesame Street and Muppet Google Doodle images over the years, the last one being the one pictured below which was on the Google search page on November 10, 2009.

Behind the scenes of the final Google doodle


Printables for the kids:

Download Muppet Babies Coloring Page
Download Muppets Coloring Page
Download Animal Drumming Coloring Page


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