Trick or treat me goodies and gifts

And just why did this Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie have to sell out?

Could it be because it is an adorable, snuggly soft, totally handmade hood and scarf combo that you can wear on cold windy days like today over your head so your hair isn’t lashing and whipping across your face? But it also wraps around and down your arms in such a way that your hands slip into it just right?

This is just one of the most clever, cozy looking things I have ever seen. I MUST have one! They are made by Happy Hoody Friends and you can buy them on Shana Logic of course. I most like the teal one but would also wear the black one, of course those are the two colors which are currently sold out. The other two available colors of these delightful kitty hoodies are hot pink and a flaming, bright red. I think I would keep it on all day, even at work, yes, yes I would.

Furthermore on Shana Logic, which I always check before holidays because of the amazing indie finds that can be found on her site…

Halloween goodies galore!

Raven Cameo Earrings! AAAh! Do you not adore them?!? These earrings are by Fable and Fury. There is a matching necklace but it is a sold out right now. Fortunately I am not much of a necklace girl so the earrings are just perfect.

Should I absolutely need a necklace there is a gorgeous Owl Silhouette Necklace that would go just right with the earrings considering they are in the bird family and also very Halloween like.

For both the earrings and the necklace the birds are perched inside of a ornate victorian-style frame, hence the whole cameo idea.

Trick or treat me!


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