iTunes finally letting me get the music I bought…everywhere

The iPhone can only hold so much and I only have the patience to transfer, playlist and remember to such every now and then.

Today, right now, I’m listening to Barenaked Ladies – “When I Fall” thanks to the iTunes Match via iCloud. I hope all of you have subscribed and are partaking in this. Sure it sucks that I’m paying a subscription to listen to the music I already purchased, but it also syncs up my libraries music and videos which I have pulled off albums so it’s fantastic. I can justify spending $24.99/year on iTunes Match just as I justify spending that on a Flickr Pro subscription so I can upload an unlimited about of photos to Flickr for family and friends to see.

Music and photos, two things I adore and want to be able to access anywhere, anytime, especially if I own the tracks or pictures legally. You know what I’m saying?

With iTunes Match I can have the same library on 10 computers, which means when I’m in the office at work or at home I can listen to the same things. I can also forgo remembering to sync the phone with the same playlists because turning on the iMatch feature on my phone does all of that for me. Now the kids can hear their audiobooks or their Playhouse Disney music because it’s all there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Another sweet perk now that we have an Apple TV, is yes, the Apple TV is all iTunes Match/Cloud friendly. Seriously, cable television is dwindling. We don’t have cable hooked up in the tv in our room or our oldest son’s room. We don’t need it. We have Netflix, we have a DVD player and we have Apple TV; cable television is redundant and far too expensive. (Except for sports but even the NFL is starting to air games on iTunes if only they did it live then we could probably ditch cable altogether and save $80/month or more).

Do you see what I mean about how awesome iTunes Match is if you use it properly?


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