Adam Cross Sings Like He Means It

Like with most new artists you hear from it is difficult not to draw a comparison to other music you have heard in the past. When I started listening to tracks from Adam Cross I was thinking about what type of music I would place him under. Clearly he is in the pop rock genre, but not in a teeny bopper kind of way, he’s definitely in a a more mature sense of the genre so please don’t think Beiber or Gomez… Think more Daughtry if you must compare. However, I implore you to start with a clean slate and just enjoy with fresh ears.

Adam Cross is from South Carolina and, I have to say, before I heard his music I immediately admired his passion for the art. He definitely loves what he does and I knew this because he found my Facebook page, my email, my Twitter account and this website and reached out. Not just in a preachy please listen to my music way either. I mean he actually paid attention and put thought into his comments, his interactions and his feedback. I knew I would eventually get to listening to his music, but Adam, you jumped to the top of my queue with your awesome persistence.

The album just released on November 11, 2011 is “Sirens.”

A cast of drawn characters inhabits Sirens. It might the gorgeous girl with a cigarette and a glass of orange juice who shares her plans to depart a small town to pursue her dreams in “A Feeling.” On “Burning Castles,” Adam appropriates the image of a friend’s former fling, whom he describes as a “jaded, bi-polar, ex-girlfriend.” The song title “Dance,” offers an observation from the periphery of the dance floor, as the narrator observes the physical rhythms of a beautiful woman. “I’m gonna steal her,” he confides. “Lost” is drawn in sparse, essential language. “I wanted to see if I could use six words in the verses and somehow paint a picture for people without telling them what to think,” Adam says.

What you’ll hear in Sirens will be the same thing I hear and see in Cross even beyond music. He is an artist reaching out, in a variety of tempos and arrangements, with a range of flair and feeling. I love the tracks “Dance” and “Save Me” but I think my favorite is “A Feeling.” I love the lyrics, they are meaningful and Adam Cross makes the song beautifully memorable.

Download and Listen:

Adam Cross – “A Feeling” [mp3]




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  1. I really like his music, I mean really. And I think for just starting out he’s definitely a diamond in the rough.

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