Last minute gift ideas for your favorite music lover

At InSound you still have time to order overnight and get your items in time. So the thing to know if wat can you order and get the extras. InSound is one of my favorite online stores, especially for indie music because they always have the extra stuff.

I also love their selection of music posters. It would be fantastic if we some day had a house big enough to have a music studio for Brian and Braeden. And wouldn’t it be awesome to have band posters framed for the walls? I love the poster pictured here for the band “She & Him” it would be so cute framed. Although I am positive Brian and Braeden would choose different bands than I would.

1 Order Cloud Nothings “Attack on Memory”
and receive a free Insound exclusive poster! (while supplies last)
2 Order Mastodon “The Hunter”
and receive a free poster! (while supplies last)
3 Order The Stepkids “The Stepkids”
and receive a free flexi 7″ + a Stones Throw sticker! (while supplies last)
4 Order Feist “Metals” and receive a free poster! (while supplies last) (while supplies last)

And if you don’t know exactly the right music to purchase then just get an InSound gift card. Easy peasy!

Buy it at Insound!

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