Please, please give me some

If you’re like me then you are receiving countless emails right now about the deals you could be getting for items on your Christmas list. Even today, three days from Christmas, I’m getting emails saying it is not too late to order something and get it shipped in time for Christmas. Still I am being promised the best prices and the best quality. It is amazing to know I do not have to start my shopping until December 22nd. However, I would be more insane than ever if I waited until now to begin the whole holiday craze process.

Thankfully, there are sites like with the promised deals which are available anytime of the years and I can count on them regardless of the holiday or commercial explosion.

Yes, I was one of those Moms looking high and low for the Leapster Leap Pad and the Mickey Mouse with the guitar. Mmmhmm. Not to mention it would be nice to be able to find matching Christmas pajammies for boys in both the sizes I need for Braeden and Finn. Because I tried. Oh have I tried and one size always seems to be sold out.

So whatever brand or hot item might be on my oldest son’s holiday wish list or my husband’s birthday list later in the winter, I know that I can head to and if there is a deal to be had it will be there. There’s no searching through hundreds of fliers or emails and I certainly don’t have to deal with spam. It’s a one stop site and it makes Mama Mania more bearable; if even just a little bit. ;)

Maximize my savings. Maximize my smiles. :D