Rebecca Zapen covers Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love”

Jacksonville, Florida native Rebecca Zapen recently released Nest, a record about building a family (and the ups, downs and lessons along the way) that was literally recorded while Zapen was pregnant with her now two-year-old son.  The record, filled with varied instrumentation and genres where strings and horns (and the ukulele’s South American cousin the Cavaquino) mix with finger-picked folk and cinematic vocal harmonies, was recently named “Florida Album of The Year” by the Florida Times-Union and Zapen’s local performances have since become sold-out, standing-room-only events.

One standout track on the record is Zapen’s unconventional cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” that takes advantage of Zapen’s jazz background and love of bossa nova, ignoring all the typical cues one might take when covering the tune. Given the context of the album’s theme, the song is given a different, maybe even deeper, meaning as well.  “We laid down the foundation of the song in a live take at a friend’s house,” Zapen recounts. Recording her vocals in the make-shift vocal booth (aka the bathroom), Zapen jokes, “It was an extra-tight squeeze because I was seven months pregnant. Sounds pretty glamorous, right?”

The original inspiration to cover the song came during a previous Halloween gig where Zapen and her bassist both dressed as girls from the famous “Addicted To Love” video, prompting a friend to suggest a cover version. “It’s fun to pull a tune like that out every now and then, and while people are grooving to this lounge-y rhythm, it suddenly strikes them, “Wait, this is ‘Addicted To Love!’” Rebecca Zapen’s latest album Nest is out now. The record recently debuted at #12 on the Folk DJ charts as posted by which compiles the playlists of over 150 Folk music DJ’s worldwide.

Download and listen:

Rebecca Zapen – “Addicted To Love” [mp3]



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