Have you ever participated in CosPlay?

Ok, are you with me or are you wondering what Cosplay is all about? Truth be told, I originally heard the term while reading through a gaming forum. And then I got sucked into all the picture of people in their crazy fandom costume. People get all decked out in costumes of their favorite characters from games they like across console systems. I’m serious.

Say you’re super into Final Fantasy.. well then you’d be like this chick who posted herself as Shiva Nix from Final Fantasy 13 on Gamersbin.com. And what is further impressive is that these people usually make the costumes and handle the makeup and go all out completely on their own. I mean there is tons of time, money and research done on this stuff. This is not child’s play… no. it’s CosPlay. :)

I for one simply love Halloween, but for people into CosPlay they can prepare costumes multiple times each year and their costumes are no joke. They are hardcore costumes that take hours to put on and people will come up to them and have pictures take with them. I’ve done this with my own kids at the Philadelphia Comic Con. When you see something impressive, you want your picture taken with it, even someone you think you would point and laugh at..you don’t laugh, you actually say “Wow, that’s pretty awesome.”

Anonymous or not, what game are you so into that you would create a costume and get decked out if you could?

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