On October 13, 1307, a day so infamous that Friday the 13th would become a synonym for ill fortune, officers of King Philip IV of France carried out mass arrests in a well-coordinated dawn raid that left several thousand Templars — knights, sergeants, priests, and serving brethren — in chains, charged with heresy, blasphemy, various obscenities, and homosexual practices. None of these charges was ever proven, even in France — and the Order was found innocent elsewhere — but in the seven years following the arrests, hundreds of Templars suffered excruciating tortures intended to force “confessions,” and more than a hundred died under torture or were executed by burning at the stake.

That’s all I’ve got for you though.

Every other piece of research I have found regarding Friday the 13th has involved phobias, black cats and some dude in a hockey mask named Jason. BOGUS!

Anyhow. I love the number 13, especially on a Friday and THEREfore I am hosting a special giveaway if you have decided to stumble upon and read this post.

That’s right!

Anyone who enjoys Friday the 13th should enter this giveaway proudly! OR anyone who likes free books, especially for kids ages 8 and up who like spooky fiction :)

You will win: Edgar & Ellen Triple Threat: Their First Three Misadventures (Rare Beasts / Tourist Trap / Under Town) Boxset!

Rare Beasts
Edgar & Ellen, two of fictions most creepy twins! The town of Nod’s Limbs will never sleep soundly while these two characters live within their hamlet. In Rear Beasts, Edgar & Ellen “petnap” the town’s pets to turn them into more exotic animals to sell back to the unsuspecting town folk. Will the twins get away with their twisted plot or will something happen to put a damper on their plans? A fun and weird tale, the first of a series of delightful frightful stories!

Tourist Trap
Edgar & Ellen are at it again. When they find out that the junk yard is going to be dismantled to make way for a new fancy hotel, the twins realize that they have to stop this atrocity. After all with the removal of the junk yard, where will the twins get all of the materials to create all of their devious plots? The twisted twins create new schemes to foil the plans of the mayor and derail his festivities and keep the junk yard safe forever!

Under Town
The twisted twins find out that their plans in “Tourist Trap” did not work out quite as well as they hoped. The hotel is still planned to be built on the junk yard lot! Edgar & Ellen need to make new plans to stop the construction and quick, but someone is already doing that. Who could this mysterious person be and why are they stealing all of Edgar & Ellen’s plans and gadgets? The only clue is hidden below ground Under Town!

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18 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Friday the 13th? (awesome giveaway)”

  1. I love Friday the13 . It’s a cool day. I once lived at # 13- everyone asked if I thought it was bad luck. I said “no, it’s good luck!” I loved living there.

  2. I am not really superstitious, but I enjoy reading a good goosebump story

  3. Friday the 13th doesn’t bother me at all. One of my brothers was born on Friday the 13th and I own black cats :)

  4. My lucky number in softball was the #13, and my husband’s birthday is April 13, so Friday the 13th doesn’t really bother me.

  5. To me, Friday the 13th really has no different meaning than any other numbered day, it’s all what a person makes their day to be like. To me, I was able to wake up to another day!

  6. It’s just like any other day for me. Though if something silly or unlucky happens you can blame it on the day! :-)

  7. it feels like every other day, but I get a bit spooked if something out of the ordinary happens!

  8. I guess for me it would have to be lucky since I had my healthy beautiful little girl on Friday 13th.

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