COOLRUNNINGS share “Spirit of the High”

This band claims they’ll play anywhere.

Garages, basements, backyard wrestling matches, and even venues.

I really dig the track we’re sharing in this post, so my hope is they make it to more venues than backyard wrestling matches this year :)

COOLRUNNINGS are a 4-piece from Knoxville,TN made up of Brandon Biondo, Adam Cottle, Forrest Ferguson, and Scott Kapuscinski. Drawing from a wide range of influences with an emphasis on new wave, psychadelia, afro beat and synth pop the band approaches writing an album more like making a mixtape of everything they love. The band was started in late 2009 by Brandon and Forrest as a combined effort to perform each others’ solo material live. At the time Brandon was touring full time in Royal Bangs and in 2010 left to focus on COOLRUNNINGS. Since then, they have self released two EPs Babes Forever and Buffalo on their own label Dracula Horse and a 7″ on Too Pure.

Download & Listen:

Coolrunnings – “Spirit of the High” [mp3]


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