Alright, some of you might think this is weird or gross or both, but I’m writing about it anyway.

I told my husband he should download the iPhone app called Code Red.

It’s all about tracking your period. Yes, I know, he is a guy and so why does he need that? I’ll tell you why, because it’s helpful. Trust me.

It pushes alerts to him complete with tips on how my body is feeling, I’m serious. And it’s pretty spot on… no pun intended.

So it will tell him “Code Red” when it is my time of the month. And it will tell him when things smooth sailing. But it will also tell him when I am ovulating and even when I am supposedly horny.

Sorry for anyone related to me who is reading this and completely freaking out. I am related to a lot of pretty conservative people and the mere fact that I am writing about my period and have just written the word horny, not once, but twice is probably making their faces red and their stomachs queasy.

Examples when an “Ovulation Alert” comes up it will say something like “She is fertile! Here are some tips to keep you from ruining a sure thing.” It’s pretty funny. And you know what, since I recommended this to my husband I think he has actually paid attention to it. Because he was definitely more attentive during my time of the month. And he text messaged me to see how I was feeling and said he hoped my day wasn’t too hard.

When it’s the time of the month right before her period and her breasts are seriously killing her, the app will tell you that they are aching, but not for you. It’s serious, so laugh to yourself because you were given a heads up by Code Red, but don’t touch her, got it?

So if you are a lady who wants to track your cycle then this is a great app. And if you’re a guy who wants to be in the know about your lady then this is a great app. I know it seems weird, trust me, but I’m so serious, it’s really helpful. And when it tells you to “Rediscover Sade” laugh, but take the tip ;)

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2 thoughts on “Code Red iPhone App, is a must have (must for guys)”

  1. Currently, a study is being conducted to interpret the accuracy of this app as related to a woman I know…

    So far, the preliminary results are pretty accurate.

    Also, men like being instructed by pictures and colors/diagrams. Easy to understand! :D

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