My favorite Spotify Applications Moodagent, We Are Hunted and …

Okay so I am fairly certain most music people out there are using Spotify or at least have heard of it. I was an avid Pandora listener at work but I honestly got tired of hearing the condom commercials every other song. Plus, I found that even when I changed channels I often was face with hearing the same tracks over and over again. Anyway, I still have a fond place in my heart for Pandora.

So Spotify. At first it was confusing. It picked up all my music from my iTunes library I supposed finding the files on my computer which was cool. Spotify allows you to stream any artist you like and it finds albums throughout their entire career – including collaborations. You’ll see all the new materials which is out there for Top 40, Indie, Rap, Hip Hop, Grassroots and any other genre you happen to like.

Yet the main reason I find myself stuck on Spotify lately are their applications. I love three different applications in particular: “We Are Hunted,” “Fuse,” and “Moodagent.”

We Are Hunted is the newest one I started trying out and essentially it scopes out the most recent popular searches for music and brings them to the forefront so you can see what other users are looking for, listening to and rating. As a music blogger this is incredibly helpful and gives me great insight. It’s also pretty dead on, at least right now, Jack White is #1 and Lana Del Ray is showing up as #2 which I’d have to say is a fair judgement. Pull up “We Are Hunted” and there you have it, a nice little top 24 of newly discovered sweet music that you’ll love and it won’t be the Top 40!

Fuse, okay, so I love Fuse because they give you playlists that correspond with that is going on the media. So for instance yesterday on February 1, 2012 they released a Grammy Essentials Playlist to get you up to speed on all the genres you’ll be hearing about during the Grammys. The list includes Adele, Kanye, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, The Band Perry and a bunch of other great artists and groups that will be talked about FOR SURE during the award show.

Moodagent plays music based on the mood or tempo you are looking for. This one isn’t always spot on for me but I enjoy testing it and hopefully it will be better tweaked if the application gets more users. You can reorder the playlist it creates for you based on whether you want the tempo to be on a bell curve or straight up or straight down which is interesting. During the work hours I enjoy an uptempo list and so I’ll think of a song that gets me pumped, type it in and then see the rest of the list which Moodagent builds for me. It rarely ever picks songs I would have thought to pick and so in that respect it is pretty cool.


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