Still time to snag Small Fires from Adrienne Pierce #nowplaying

If you’ve not heard of Adrienne Pierce then it is either because you are new to reading or you haven’t seen her on other sites. But I have been a fan of her music for a few  years now. In fact, when I first started writing about music on scrink she was one of the first indie artists I stumbled upon that I knew I would remain a devout follower. She is a sweet person and has a simply amazing voice.

She is currently working on demos of songs for her next album. It will be called My Heavens! and she will begin the recording process sometime this Spring.

In the meantime, for the month of March she is giving away her album entitled Small Fires courtesy of the album turning ten! Oh hope I hope anyone who doesn’t already own the material scoops up this opportunity to snag it for free.

I have no doubt you will become followers of Adrienne Pierce’s music just as I have, because it’s so refreshing.

Here is the link for the free download of Small Fires:

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