Sorry to hear a good man has passed; Dick Clark

Dick Clark  (November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012), the longtime host of the legendary American Bandstand, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and the man who embodied New Year’s Eve for 40 years, passed away yesterday in Los Angeles after suffering a heart attack. He was 82.

The family has not yet decided whether there will be a public memorial service for the multifaceted Clark, although Shefrin said, “There will be no funeral.”

Clark’s “American Bandstand” work, which he began when it was a local TV show in Philadelphia in 1956, earned him the nickname “America’s oldest living teenager.” The dance show was picked up by ABC and broadcast nationally a year later.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Clark in its nonperformer category in 1993.

Former CNN talk host Larry King said Clark’s secret for success was his ability to be natural on camera.

“The hardest thing in the business is to be yourself, and no one knew that better than Dick Clark,” King said.

Singer Donny Osmond said Clark was one of a kind: “If someone cannot fill your shoes, you are a legend. And Dick Clark was a legend.”


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