Hands up if you’re a hidden object game junkie?

My husband and my boys can tell you that I love hidden object games and time management games. I’ll buy one and stay glued to it until I can beat it. Sometimes I share them with my oldest son, Brae, and he will see if he can beat the game before me. He usually does.

There are a lot of places where you can find great games but if you want the best hidden object game (like Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet which is based off a James Patterson novel) then you need to hit up Gamehouse.com. You can download and play them right away and they update their site with the newest in your favorite genres all the time.

I normally also end up telling my neighbor/friend Barb about the games, too. She and I have very similar taste in what we do to waste our time, whether on our laptops or with our craftiness. And Gamehouse is a site to share with friends for sure. You can find super saver deals that are $2.99 AND even FREE games. I know of no other site where you can legally obtain free games and thoroughly enjoy them for hours.

Just to prove the site updates all the time, I just see a new hidden object game which was added TODAY. Temple of Life – The Legend of Four Elements Premium Edition, the photo you see in this post is a screenshot of that game. The summary says, “Restore the balance of earthly elements in a fascinating archeological adventure.” Well okay then! See this one in partiuclar is one my Brae would love, he has for a very long time told people he will be an archaeologist when he grows up. Even at the age of 6 years old he would tell me he is going to get married and take his wife on digs in Egypt and that I could watch their kids. Hahaha.


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  1. Lynne says:

    I love hidden object games! Thanks for the tip.