The jangly folk-pop of Conveyor

You can tell with some bands just how much they enjoy what they’re doing right off the bat with the very first listen. This is the case with Conveyor from Brooklyn, New York, as you listen and you watch their videos you can see how much they simply love being musicians. They incorporate real life into their elaborate harmonization as a band, you can hear the crowd, the whistles, the energy around their music recorded into every song.

There has been more of a buzz stirring up around Conveyor out in the indie world and it’s all been positive. Listeners tend to agree the Conveyor has put out music which is eccentric and yet familiar all at once. They have a self-titled album coming out with Paper Garden Records on July 17, 2012.

It’s also quite enjoyable to see their instruments. Guitars the color of sea foam green like the old kitchen appliances from the 50s. You just don’t see that often. Some might call the band pretentious, but I call them progressive. No their music isn’t something I’ll jam out to the kids with or turn up with the windows down in the car, it’s definitely music for a certain kind of slow-drive-to-nowhere mood.

Conveyor is touring across the US and into Canada all summer long, check out dates and locations here.

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