The passing of a great actor, Michael Clarke Duncan

Most people remember Michael Clarke Duncan from his starring role in “The Green Mile” but one of my favorite roles of his was in “The Whole Nine Yards.” He played a funny mobster dude named Frankie Figs in that movie.

I cried for hours over “The Green Mile” and only saw it once, I don’t think I could ever see it again. It was a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but of movies I have sobbed over it is in the top 3. I cry at a lot of movies, I’m a total sap, but for “The Green Mile” I was a loud, sobbing, blubbery mess in the theater.

Sadly, Michael Clarke Duncan, age 54, passed away on Sunday, September 2, 2012 due to complications from a heart attack.

Where might you have seen or heard Duncan? Well, other movies he has appeared in are Armageddon, The Scorpion King, comedies Talledega Nights, A Night at the Roxbury and even animated family flicks Kung Fu Panda, Cats & Dogs, Brother Bear.

Rest in peace, Michael Clarke Duncan.

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