Sara Jackson-Holman releases video for first single, “Come By Fire”

For those of you interested in something new, then you very much should check out Sara Jackson-Holman’s new album Cardiology. The album is moody, sharp and exquisite; taking a contemplative and emotional turn with some of the tracks due to personal changes in Sara’s life as she wrote the songs. This is not just another pop album being shoveled out into the market, it’s heartfelt and not only will you love it right off the bat but it will continue to grow on you.

Compared to her first album, the songwriting and production process for Cardiology was very different, it took much longer and it was much harder. “Recording my first album was about learning the process; it was extremely informative. I had never been in a studio, so to see the inner-workings of production firsthand changed my entire perspective. For Cardiology, I actually produced full, 30-track demo versions at home for several of the songs on Garageband before bringing the tracks to the studio for final beats, synth sounds, and additional production. I wrote the songs in varied ways– some originated from sitting at the piano, others from humming a melody, and still more from writing a beat first then crafting the rest of the song around it. From my first day in the studio to my last, the recording process spanned seven months.”

It was during that seven- month period that Jackson-Holman lost someone very close to her. “My grandfather was a big part of my musical upbringing and his death came as a shock. When I was young he would drive three hours from Portland to Bend just to watch me play for seven minutes in my classical piano competitions, and when I had branched out into pop music, he’d come to my shows in Portland. I was in the midst of recording and needing to be creative, so the process became an outlet for my confusion and grief. His death was profoundly influential as I wrote the final songs for my album. “Freight Train” is a song I wrote when I had no words to express my grief. “Come By Fire,” “Can’t Take My Love,” and “For Albert” (his middle name) were also all written within three weeks of his passing. (“For Albert” is derivative of the classical piece “Für Elise,” a sort of homage to my background). I miss him very much, and to me, his being so much a part of my songs keeps him and his memory close to my heart.”

MUSIC VIDEO: “Come By Fire”

Sara Jackson-Holman
(Expunged Records)

1. Cartography
2. Can’t Take My Love
3. For Albert
4. Freight Train
5. Break My Heart
6. Empty Arms
7. To Be Bright
8. Oh My Honey
9. Risk It All
10. My Biggest Mistake
11. Come By Fire
12. Do I Make It Look Easy
13. Cardiology

Tour Dates:

9/28/12 – Axe & Fiddle – Cottage Grove, OR

10/04/12 – High Dive – Seattle, WA

10/17/12 – Old St. Francis Hotel – Bend, OR

Just as a bonus for you, and I know this is very early, but here are some Christmas songs from Sara.

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