How you can help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy

© Jacquelyn Pyun/The HSUS

© Jacquelyn Pyun/The HSUS

As more footage and photographs are released showing the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused along the East Coast, I’ve decided to find ways people can help.

President Obama declared my homestate of Delaware a federal disaster area as well as declaring the same for several other nearby states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

So far the damage is estimated to be at least $20.4 billion in the US. And the storm caused approximately 170 fatalities from formation to dissipating, many of them occurring in Haiti closer to the location this superstorm formed.

Tips for donating to a reputable charity or organization >>

Places you can donate:

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3 thoughts on “How you can help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy

  1. Thank you for including places where you can donate to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund. The Kelly and Michael Show on channel 6, will have a telethon on Monday, November 5th, during their Halloween special (which was delayed due to the storm.) All donations will go to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund, also.

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