The Calm Blue Sea is back with Arrivals & Departures

The Calm Blue Sea’s “Aberrations & Departures” is a live music film series featuring performances of each of the eight songs from the band’s 2012 release, Arrivals & Departures, each performed in a different unique Austin, TX location.

Filmed over the course of two weeks in September 2012, “Aberrations & Departures” is as much a showcase of the band’s personality as it is a showcase of their music. Every location was hand picked by the members of The Calm Blue Sea and offers a glimpse into a few of the band’s favorite spots in their hometown of Austin. Over the course of the eight chapters of “Aberrations & Departures,” six different filmmakers put their creative spin on the live performances with the help of three different audio engineers.

Each of the eight performances in “Aberrations & Departures” was recorded live on location, with no audio overdubs or edits.

Arrivals & Departures, The Calm Blue Sea’s sophomore full length is out now on Modern Outsider Records. Learn more about the album and the “Aberrations & Departures” live performance film series at

Download & Listen:

The Calm Blue Sea – “Mary Ann Nichols” (mp3)


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